The Lessor leases the premises and equipment, hereinafter designated, to the Tenant as a seasonal furnished rental, which accepts the general and special conditions resulting from this contract (hereinafter the Lease).  
  The rental is for  ________ adult (s) and for ________ child(ren).  
  The Lease is established for a specific number of persons. Should the number of guests exceed the number of persons provided for in the Lease, it is necessary to ask permission in advance to the Lessor. Otherwise, the Lessor may refuse additional customers.  
  This refusal can,in no case, constitute a modification or a breach of the contract at the initiative of the Lessor. Also, no refund will be made in this case.  
  The Lease relates to premises (hereinafter referred to as Leased Property), the designation of which follows. These include a flat.  
  The Leased Property is located at the following address:  
  Résidence Vignec Village, rue Principale, 65170 VIGNEC  
  The Leased Property can be briefly described as the following terms:  
  T3 apartment with balcony, facing southwest with views on the Pla d ' Adet and the swimming pool of the residence, located on the first floor of a residence of tourism, composed of 2 bedrooms, 1 alcove with 2 bunk beds, a bathroom and independent WC, 1 living room with a sofa bed. Equipped kitchen (fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher).  A WiFi access is provided, subject to prior acceptance by the tenant of the proposed charter. It is equipped with a heating, the water is distributed collectively.  
  The surface of the Leased Property is 50 m˛.  
  This lease is granted and accepted in furnished.  
  The rental does not include linen and sheets.  
  An inventory is appended to the lease (hereinafter, the Inventory), which contains the exhaustive summary in kind, quantity and quality, of all movables property present within the leased property.  
  In addition, the Leased Property premises includes the following accessory premises :  
  - 1 covered parking place  
  - 1 ski locker  
  The lease is subject to this contract and to the provisions not contrary to this contract, provided for in articles 1714 and 1762 of the French Civil Code.  
  The lease is concluded for the following dates : from ________ to ________.  
  The Lease will begin to run on ________ at 4:00 pm and will expire __________ at 10:00 am without formalities.  
  Beyond this term, the Tenant is obliged to leave the premises, he undertakes to hand over, to the Lessor or his intermediary, the keys and no longer has any right in the Leased Property.  
  At the beginning of the rental, the Lessor or his intermediary, will keep at the disposal of the Renter, the keys of the rented accommodation.  
The Tenant must present himself or herself to the Lessor or its intermediary at the date and time stipulated in the Lease. He must notify the Landlord of any delay or lag.
  Also, all cancellations must be notified in advance to the Lessor.  
  The Tenant may cancel this Lease for up to three weeks prior to the contractual start of the Lease, although the amount of the deposit, as specified in Article 4 of the Lease, will not be refunded. If the Tenant cancels the Lease in the three weeks preceding the contractual start of the Lease, he will have to pay the full price of ________ €.  
  This contract shall lapse if the Tenant fails to appear within twelve hours of the commencement of the lease provided for in the Lease.  
  The Lessor then becomes free again to dispose of his Leased Property. The deposit remains with the Lessor, who reserves the right to claim the Total Rent.  
  In the event of a stay shortened by the Tenant, the total price of the Rent is entirely due to the Lessor.  
  The Lease is granted for a total rent, excluding tourist's tax, of ________ (hereinafter the Rent), to be paid in a fractional manner as follows:  
  - 25% when booking  
  - 75% on delivery of keys  
  To pay the rent, as well as any additional charges due, the Tenant must use the following means of payment: bank transfer, check (French bank).  
  Rental charges, such as water and electricity charges, are included in the rent amount.  
  The tourist tax is a local tax which the Lessee must pay to the Landlord, so that it is returned to the Public Treasury. In 2022, its variable rate is 5% per person for one night, plus 10% (additional tax for the department). Its amount is not included in the Rent, it must be paid separately.  
  The Tenant shall pay in advance, in the amount of _____ €, in respect of the total rent.  
  The booking of the rental becomes effective once the Tenant has sent the deposit to the Lessor with a copy of this Lease contract signed on each page.  
  The apartment will be clean at the arrival of the tenant and will have to be returned as such. The tenant will have to perform the exit cleaning. However, he can reserve a housekeeping option upon arrival, irrespective of the rental contract. Any complaint about the state of cleanliness must be made on arrival, checked (with the agent) and repaired by the agent.  
  An exit cleaning not carried out by the tenant will be automatically deducted from the deposit.  
  Any complaint at the exit or after a delay of 24h after the arrival will not be taken into account.  
  The Lessor hereby agrees to:  
  - Make available to the Tenant the Leased Property well as furnishing furniture described in the inventory in good working order and repair  
  - Make freely available to the Tenant the receipt of each payment of rent, if he so requests and issue a receipt for partial payments  
  The Lessee will not be able to exercise any recourse against the Lessor in the event of theft and depredations in the rented premises.  
  The Lessee consents to the Lease under the conditions of ordinary law in the matter of seasonal rental, in addition to those specifically stipulated hereafter. The Tenant, under penalty of termination of the Lease to his wrongs, agrees to:  
  - to enjoy personally, peacefully and bourgeoisly the Property Hired according to the destination specified in the Lease. In particular, the Tenant shall be careful to avoid any noise, smell or activity which would be likely to disturb the tranquility of the neighborhood, whether by his own act or by the occupants he has authorized.  
  - insure against the rental risks (fire, water damage). Loss of insurance, in the event of loss, will give rise to damages.  
  - inform the Lessor of any loss or damage to any or all of the elements of the Leased Realty, whether or not it is attributable to it  
  - compensate the Lessor for any damage or loss which would not be due to force majeure, whether it concerns the Leased Property itself or the furnishings furnishing the garnishing mentioned in the Inventory.  
  - refrain from sub-leasing the Leased Real Estate, except with the prior written consent of the Lessor.  
  - refrain from any commercial, artisanal or professional activity within the Leased Property.  
  - refrain from smoking inside the Leased Property.  
  - take the Leased Property, as described in the State of the Places, as well as the movable items as described in the Inventory and not to raise any claim or dispute as a result of their aging or their malfunction.  
  - in no way modify or alter the Leased Property, its structure or its elements. Otherwise the Landlord may require the Lessee to remit the property in its original condition or to retain any unallowed modifications which can not be the subject of compensation or reversal action. In any event, the total costs incurred in the event of non-compliance with this provision shall be borne by the Tenant.  
  - to clean the house and to make the Leased Property in the same state of cleanliness as when entering the premises at the beginning of the Lease, failing which the Tenant will take at his own expense the cleaning which the Landlord will be forced to Realize according to the price proposed at the time of the hiring.  
  The Tenant agrees to pay the sum of 300 € to the Lessor at the latest at the entrance of the premises, as a security deposit (hereinafter, the Guarantee Deposit) in order to ensure the proper execution of his obligations. This Deposit of Guarantee can not be revised or pay interest.  
  The Guarantee Deposit must be returned in its entirety to the Tenant no later than three weeks after the Tenant has delivered the keys to the Lessor and has effectively left the premises. However, if the inventory report does not conform to the initial inventory, the period for returning the security deposit will be extended to three months.  
  The purpose of the Security Deposit is to guarantee the possible deterioration of the Leased Property.  
  The Deposit of Guarantee is returned to the Lessee after deduction of the cost of the repairs or replacement due to possible damage to the Leased Property or its movable elements described in the Inventory as well as the loss of keys or objects . The complete return of the Deposit of Guarantee will be carried out under the following conditions:  
  - no property described in the inventory is missing or has been soiled or has suffered any damage.  
  - the leased property has not suffered any degradation, has not suffered any abnormal wear and is restored in the same state of cleanliness as in the State of the Places of Entry. In particular, are clean and emptied the cupboards, the garbage cans, the refrigerators, the toilets, the electric household appliances.  
  The verification is carried out by the mandatary or the owner before and after the arrival and departure of the tenant in the furnished and without the presence of the latter.  
  The verification of the property and inventory can not be done in the presence of the tenant at the beginning and end of the stay by the owner or the designated agent, the tenant will have to check against the arrival and will have 24 hours to check the condition of the furnished and to inform the representative the anomalies found.  
  After this period, the rented goods are considered as free from damages and defects at the entrance of the tenant in the premises or in accordance with the preliminary verification of the agent.  
  The security deposit may be retained in whole or in part after the verification that the agent will perform after the departure, without the presence of the tenants.  
  This lease agreement is concluded intuitu personae for the benefit of the sole lessee identified at the beginning of the contract. Consequently, the premises may be occupied only by him, his family, his dependents, and any person he wishes to house, without there being any sublease.  
  Thus, the persons invited by the Tenant under the roof of the Leased Real Estate are bound to respect the obligations of the Lease, and the Tenant remains personally liable for any act committed by them in breach of the Lease.  
  The Tenant may in no case substitute other persons to occupy the Leased Real Estate in its place.  
  The Tenant may not assign the rights he holds of the Lease, nor sublet.  
  In the event that the Lessee sub-leases, in default of this Lease, then the sub-tenant will have no title and no right against the Landlord who can immediately expel him at the Lessee's expense.  
  It is expressly agreed that in the event of failure to pay at the agreed term of all or part of the rent, charges of the security deposit, this rental will be terminated ipso jure.  
  In the absence of compliance by the Lessee with all the clauses of this Lease Agreement, the Lease shall be terminated ipso jure without any legal process. This termination will take effect after 48 hours after a simple summation by registered letter or hand-delivered letter remained unsuccessful.  
  In the event of a refusal by the Tenant to leave the premises, the Tenant now agrees to assume any legal costs incurred by the Lessor in order to leave the Tenant.  
  For the execution of the present, the Lessor and the Lessee make an election of domicile in their respective domiciles. However, in the event of a dispute, the courts of the Landlord's domicile will have sole jurisdiction. This contract and its consequences are subject to French law.